First-class video technology and qualified personnel

Positioning of the company

Showmatrix GmbH has set itself the target group of B2B as well as B2C business.

Our customers are large corporations, municipalities or event organisers. The focus here is that we have the combination of first-class video technology and qualified personnel and thus offer the customer a complete package and ensure the absolutely smooth running of his event.

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company history

November 2017
Founding of Showmatrix GmbH

After successfully completing his training and gaining some practical experience in the industry, our managing director Nico Haas decided to found Showmatrix GmbH in November 2017. His goal was to specialise in the field of video technology as a service provider and to be able to offer both the material and the trained personnel as a complete package to customers in the B2B & B2C sector.

November 2018
Frist Employee
Rental park inventory grows & first employee

After the company was founded, Nico Haas acted as a video operator at events for various companies in the industry and reinvested profits in the purchase of professional video technology. In the first year, he was already able to expand the rental park and due to the increasing volume of work, the first employee started working for Showmatrix GmbH at the end of 2018.

march 2020
Moving to a new warehouse

As the material we had in stock grew steadily and all profits were invested in new technology, our first storage space (a garage) was bursting at the seams. Therefore, in March 2020 we moved to our first real warehouse with a great open-plan office.

June 2021
New products
Invest in new LED-Technology

Stagereport article 

After we as a company had invested in equipment such as Barco E2, camera hoists, Pandoras Box V8 media servers and much more in the past years, it was obvious that the next big step would be the purchase of LED walls for Showmatrix GmbH. So it came to the purchase of a large quantity of INFILED Inti 2.6mm in June 2021.

End of 2022
Nomination "deutscher Gründerpreis"
Nomination for the german Founder Award

At the end of 2022, the company Showmatrix was nominated to participate in the German Founder's Prize 2023. This was of course a great honour for us. Through various selection and task procedures, which were evaluated by jurors, we prevailed over 1000 companies to reach the TOP 10. We are very proud of the result and were able to gain exciting impressions and added value for us as a company.

January 2023
Invest in Verge Aero Drones

After almost 2 years of intensive research and contact with various manufacturers, we as a company finalised our investment in the drone show sector. We not only took the drones from Verge Aero into our inventory, but also dealt with the necessary pilot licences and safety concepts, so that from now on we can offer our customers professional and individual drone shows for their events.

May 2023
moving in a bigger Warehouse

After 3 years and some stacking skills, the space in our second warehouse was finally literally exhausted to the ceiling, so that we were able to move into our new building in Elz in June 2023 with much anticipation. With an area of now 1500 m2, we have more than quintupled in size and the entire team is happy about the modern, new location and plenty of space for creative work.

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